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The concept is fairly easy to understand but a little more difficult to implement. Your goals will determine how many grams of Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats you will need to ingest on a daily/weekly basis.


Your body is a work in progress and your diet will be, too.  I will help you manage your caloric intake with food recommendations and recipes along the way!

Physical fitness starts and ends in the kitchen. Diet is the most important aspect of transforming your body.


When you make healthy choices you are making the right decision for your body. It would be a shame to train so hard just to ruin it with a poor diet.

Changing your body with the food you eat

Why this type of eating works

- Calorie intake

- Fat content

- Nutritional value

- If it's enough food

- Salt content

- Are you eating at the right times

- Think about what you're eating

- Are you getting enough protein

- Make sure you understand nutrition

Things to remember when planning your meals

Making the right choice when it comes to food has to be deliberate. You have to plan ahead to eat healthy and have some will power when it comes to junk food and take-out food.

It's easy for you to get started on the right track

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